Right of reply - Channel 1

Regarding the reportage about ancient city Ratiaria broadcasted on 14 December 2010 in "The day begins with culture"

As a head of the renewed archaeological studies of the ancient site Ratiaria near the village Archar, Vidin District, I must express my outrage at the reportage, aired this morning on National Television. Since the autumn of this year Ratiaria is again the subject of scientific researches and its notorious reputation as "treasure-hunter's gathering" is a fact that, hopefully, will remain in the past. During the 2010 season were revealed new, impressive monuments of the rich history of the city, which enjoy wide public interest and support in the town of Vidin.

I must stress that the negative view of this site is at variance both with the extremely high results achieved this year, and with the public opinion in the town of Vidin, whereby Ratiaria is one of the key cultural and historical monuments in the area. Exactly for this reason on 16-17 December in Vidin will be a conference, devoted to the cultural heritage in the area. The event is funded entirely by local NGOs under the auspices of the regional governor of Vidin region.

The broadcasting of facts and evidences of bygone years is not accurate. As a supervisor of the ancient site Ratiaria I believe that broadcasted this morning report diminishes both my work and efforts of a huge audience, thanks to which this year ended the "criminal" past the site.

I rely on my right of reply and objective view of a leading media such the National Television, for which, I believe, the actual news are priority.


Krassimira Luka

Archaeologist, "St. Kliment Ohridski"