Donation in Museum of History of stolen valuables - Channel 1

Three-ton sarcophagus from the 1st century AD was delivered at the National Museum. The police found it in a yard in Vidin's village Ruptsi where was a "private museum" with valuable exhibits. According to archaeologists, the antiquities come from the ancient Roman city Ratiaria near the modern village Archar. Over the past 20 years, treasure hunters had dug around and ruthlessly have destroyed unique cultural heritage.

The marble sarcophagus is considered particularly valuable because on it is preserved a rich relief decoration of garlands, floral ornaments, sculptures, masks and figures of genes. According to archaeologists, it testified that during the Roman period, Ratiaria was one of the major urban centers.

Elka Penkova, an archaeologist at National Museum: "It is the most impressive finding. Except of the sarcophagus - of course - the plate with the wolf nursing Romulus and Remus. - What is unique? - Unique is the style which is rather Eastern."

Volodia Velkov, head of the Police Department: "Because we have the impression that these people go unpunished. - This is a time when is protracted, began to think that they will get better as it was before."

Bozidar Dimitrov, director of the National Museum: "It could be a Roman city, a Roman city, which could be subject of cultural tourism. - And win! - Now nothing could be because they are ruthlessly destroyed it."

For the historians and archaeologists is joy that these objects came to the museum. It is very sad however that the culture of Ratiaria is destroyed.