Street leads to the past of Ratiaria - Bulgarian National Radio

A Street, six meters wide, discovered the archaeologist Krassimira Luka on the territory of the ancient Roman city Ratiaria. The street is littered with massive boulders, and in its northern part has a separate section for pedestrians. Clearly visible are the walls of buildings that have arisen around the street.

According to Krassimira Luka, the street lead to the eastern gate of the city.

Couple of days prior to find the street the team of archaeologists had found inscription showing that in this part of the city had a temple of the Roman god of health Asclepius. South of the ancient street had been found some other signs that shows that in this part of the town was a solid building with representative functions.

To preserve the discovery, Krassimira Luka will seek the assistance of Ministry of Culture and the regional administration of Vidin. Although she doesn't hide his pain that the fight against treasure hunters is not effective enough, the archaeologist Krassimira Luka is convinced: "We will continue to work until we attract the attention of the institutions, because I think our work is important."