Scandal exploded between archaeologists in Vidin - NEW TV

Scandal exploded between archaeologists regarding the new finds in the ancient city Ratiaria near the village Archar. The head of the excavation Krassimira Luka showed for the news of NEW TV part of the main street of the ancient capital of the Roman province Dacia Ripensis near Vidin.

More than 20 years, the ancient capital of Dacia - Ratiaria was left almost without studies and was systematically destroyed by treasure hunters. Now the archaeologist Krassimira Luka works with team of volunteers almost without funding.

"I am pleased to set foot, perhaps for the first time from 2000 years, on the main street of Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria, which with the help of volunteers I was able to discover partially - it is very well preserved, about 500 m far from the presumed area of the city. That's mean that Ratiaria is twice larger than previous assumptions, proof of which is this street. It goes right across excavated in 90s by an Italian expedition gate and I think that it will show the places of some the largest administrative buildings" said Luka.

Archaeologists in the museum of Vidin, however, signaled that Luka works at the site without permission by the Ministry of Culture. This is tantamount to the crime "illegal excavations".

Vidin's archaeologists announced that they will signal the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor's Office. Krassimira Luka, in turn, was adamant that she has a permission and declared that the state deliberately do not fund the studies to stimulate this way the traffic of antiquities to Europe. NEW TV will continue to monitor the case.