Black History (Part I) - The theme of New TV

Authors: Mario Nikolov and Dimitar Stoyanov

The traffic of antiquities exist. The incomes of the major Bulgarian dealers often amount to tens of thousands of Euros after selling only one object or coin. This found an investigation of NEW TV lasted over half a year.

A team of journalists and cameramen are implemented among treasure hunters mafia and followed the trail of cultural values from the ruins of ancient Ratiaria near Vidin to the auctions in Germany.

Who is more dangerous for the Bulgarian culture - the swarthy diggers from the village Archar who disposed their "findings" for no more then 100-200 Euros, or the traders who make huge profits from those same objects when they are exported to the Western Europe? Is there a war for territory among the dealers of antiques? How much is the price of the human life when it is set to win millions? Where is the Mecca of the fake antiques? Do some players on the black market are patronized by services?