Plan of the Residence of the provincial governor

The archaeological studies in Ratiaria give only partial information about the architecture of the city. Excavated are only a few buildings, mainly from the last period of the city (5th - 6th century AD) near the western wall, the central area and eastern part of the fortress. More comprehensively has been studied two buildings, one of which is interpreted as a Residence of the Governor of the Province Dacia Ripensis and in the other is discovered a treasure of gold jewelry.

Residence of the Governor of the Province Dacia Ripensis

Residence - view after completion of the studies

The building was built at the beginning of the 4th century. In the first period, it is a big, square in plan room, with dimensions 16 x 16 m and an apse from the west. The floor of the hall had been decorated with mosaic with figural composition.

In the first half of 5th century the Residence was destroyed. It was restored with some amendments. After one more burning the Residence was entirely restored in the begging of the 6th century. Now into the rooms are built imperial pylons which in height are connected in arches and vaults. Over them has developed significant upper floor. In 586 AD the building is completely destroyed by the Avars.

Building with the treasure

This building was studied in the northeastern urban area. The researches showed several construction periods. Clear, however, is only the last one. In this period one of the rooms owned a brick floor where was found a gold treasure. The building was burned and destroyed under the Hun attack in the middle of the 5th century.