Defense system

Western wall and the Western Gate of Ratiaria

From the defense system is studied only part of the western wall, which is followed along about 100 meters. Its construction is related to 106 AD or slightly later. It consists of two parallel walls, spaced 1.5 m apart. The space between them was originally occupied by the stairs, and later has been filled in. At the wall were studied three defensive towers with rectangular shape. The gate was flanked by two polygonal towers.


Fortress wall and one of the towers of the Gate

The second construction period is in the end of the 3rd and early 4th century. At that time the defensive wall is reinforced with one more wall in front which doubled its thickness. Studies have established strong destructions dated to the mid 4th century and associated with the Hun invasions and demolition of the city in 442-443 AD. The fortress has been restored by Emperor Anastasius, which is confirmed by the inscription found at the western gate in which the town is called "Ratiaria of the [Emperor] Anastasius".

The western Gate - view after completion of the studies