The public collection in Dimovo

The collection of archaeological artifacts in Dimovo was formed in 2009 when Bulgarian Archaeological Association starts the firs surveying program in Ratiaria and its territory. For no more than three years more than 30 new archaeological sites in the region were located, was traced the route of the road leading from Ratiaria to the Adriatic coast (Ratiaria - Conbustica) and new data on the topography of the city were collected.

Because of the great importance of Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria as the main city in the area and because of the richness of its finds, logically, collected during the archaeological surveys artifacts formed the core the new collection. The number of items in this collection is growing rapidly and in the future they will be displayed in exhibition area located within the colony.

Archaeological finds from Ratiaria 2009-2011